Modern Art



- freelance french Artist -

Creative design
An autodidact creator, and having no knowledge of the norms and codes to be respected in contemporary art, I create my own universe by creating unique works of art. None of my professional training is related to woodworking, hanidcraft, or artistic creation. I started out of passion in this field which is considered, therefore, as naive art, or art brut.

I started with the realization of design lamps, it is my first concept of creations. My collection was then embellished with elements that I discovered in nature, allowing me to compose my second category of inventions, driftwood lamps. Finally, because of their shape, their attractiveness, or what they give off, I preferred that certain pieces remain unchanged. They are part of my third family of works, the objects of interior decoration.

Driven by evolution and development, I want to innovate constantly, to bring something new to each creation. It is important to me to combine different materials such as wood, metal and epoxy resin. The addition of light on the whole allows to link these elements together with more intensity, forming a symbiosis.

From the simple force of attraction of a magnet, to superconductivity, I am fascinated by the physical phenomena that surround us in this world. Being equally inspired by anything that can confuse our brains, such as Escher’s impossible constructions, or the infinite shape of the Möbius ribbon, I take pleasure in adding a touch of madness to what I realize. In this way my creations give off more vigour, power, energy. This allows the curious who come to observe my works to feel deep emotions, strong feelings.