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Coming from Meylan, a city in the Grenoble area in France, I grew up in this country in the middle of mountains with gigantic playgrounds dotted with lakes, rivers and forests.
Initiated since my youngest age to the discovery of nature by my grandmother, I always returned to the reliefs surrounding our valley in order to recharge my batteries, giving free rein to my imagination.

As far as I can remember, I could spend a lot of hours building all kinds of things. I think that the heart of our passion has been anchored in us since childhood and that to find it, we have to go back to it and remember what we particularly liked when we were children. That time when we let our desires control our actions, without the influence of the norms and codes that now govern our lives.

I extended this to my personal setting, starting with woodworking, making my first designer lamps. Then I enriched my collection by using elements found on excursions. I love to bring a natural aspect to my creations.

Anything out of the ordinary, anything uncommon is interesting. I like to take the time to observe my environment, to analyze what surrounds me, everything can be a source of inspiration.

When I am creating, I have a sensation of escape, of freedom, of fulfillment, which allows me to surpass myself. Knowing that people who take the time to contemplate my works are feeling strong emotions is the cherry on top.


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“I would like everyone who takes the time to observe my creations to be able to feel the energy that emanates from them.
Whether it provides a sense of calm, peace, and serenity for some, or warmth, strength, and motivation for others.”