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What is more real than our emotions ?

Feeling emotions is a universal ability, a gift that has been bestowed upon each of us. It is the most important thing in this world. Through any activity, whether it is in sports, exercising one’s passion, working, we are all in search of these sensations that transcend us.

It is this thrill that made me want to create objects with my hands. Making something unique by hand is captivating and liberating. Whether it is driftwood lamps, geometric lighting or interior design objects, there is no limit to creation.

lampes en bois flotté SBands créations
Our emotions deserve to be liberated !

Have you ever felt this sensation that suddenly runs through you like a huge wave of surprise, admiration, or intense joy? It travels through your entire body and it just wants to come out!

Well this feeling is what I feel when I take the time to observe what is around us. These works of art that make us think, these creations that are out of the ordinary. I like to be in admiration, in astonishment, simply amazed by art. And as these sensations are made to be shared, my objective is to transmit this perception to you. Everyone feels them, yet very few people allow themselves to be crossed. Dive into this universe that I offer you, and let your senses take you on a journey.

The artist is a receptacle of emotions that come from everywhere.

Pablo Picasso

lampes en bois flotté SBands créations

You are unique, My creations too !
find yours

Access to the different lights by looking by design

You are rather works of art of geometrical shapes, or rather artisanal driftwood lamp posts? If you are looking for something else than a lamp, you have the category of design and nature sculptures which lists interior decoration objects that are not made of light.

discover driftwood lamps by Materials

For a natural atmosphere, you will find your happiness in the driftwood lamps.
An object made of resin allows you to add a little more modernity to your living room!
Your interior is industrial style? Favour metal and wood!
Do you want a vintage or retro light?  I think the lampshade category will do the trick!
A little warmth and character => The “decorative bulb” and “rope” sections are made for you!

Between the small design table lamp and the large driftwood floor lamp,
there is a difference in size !

You dream of integrating driftwood lamps in your interior but you only have limited space?
No worries, you can choose these handcrafted lights according to their size, you will find the one that suits you.

They let their emotions run through them:

floated wood lamps appear at...

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